Saturday 10 December 2016


First and foremost what I have to say or at least what I had to say was that the chords in this song reminded me of the same soft wobbly wibbly muted chords in some battle music from Earthbound. It turns out that actually the feel of the music is very different, but the spacey texture of the chords is overall the same, and that is attractive for me. I have Glasgow producer Rory Green to thank for that I suppose, who is the real name behind DTTØ and this track 'Reef Breaks', a study in sampling and broken beat style sonic craftsmanship, a collection of sounds like an exhibit of trinkets, treasure trove for your ears.

So aside from those chords which persist warmly through the song there is a wealth of rich sounds floating through and falling down into the cradle between 0:00 and 3:02, this authentic homely scientific white noise crackle, these flashes of percussion insectoid and bristling with the whole bustling rest of found sounds – the fragments of conversation and other vocal samples – bing-bing-bing somewhere along, scratching raspy snare-clap on robust body of sub, all of it combining in a fizz that whilst busy-busy is floating over you breezy casual, collage of chill and intrigue like half-drawn geometric patterns in pastel with striking blobs of oilpaints dashed on. Violin sampled refraining and amateur touches the heart, helps it to feel even more like cosy orange light in a small comfy friendly friend's house.

  • 'Reef Breaks' is from the album Botanics which came out at the end of November and there's a lot more of the broken beat-feeling rhythms and found sounds and cut-up samples and wavysmooth synths, particularly liked this track obviously and the opening track 'Azure' and 'Push Me'. You can download it for freeeee here.

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