Sunday 11 December 2016


A song called 'Wimbledon 1988' has two things in store for someone like me because my birth year is 1988, year of the dragon, and I am a fan of tennis whenever Wimbledon is on. Maybe I'll watch the French Open too. So anyway it reached out to me on a basic level. But aside from that there is something inescapably nostalgic within even just the name of this track, and there's the name, DJ Supermarket. Things like artwork and titles and names, things that surround the music, these also bound the music, frame the music in some sort of context, inform you of what to expect stylistically, and here it is, a dream from 28 summers ago.

Like the whirring of some machine intended to implant some idealistic memories some borrowed nostalgia into your brain the track starts up with clicking and clanking and a deep subspace rumble. The wind-up toy sufficiently wound-up, in earnest we sail along with the smooth lounge-flavoured chords, additional woodblock clicks and robust drum bits added to this sample from who-knows-where* and the crowd cheers every now and again faraway and distant almost as if you are instead sitting on a beach with this sultry soft music and hearing waves crash on the sand. The rumble again into reality, to now – the end of this manufactured fragment of chill, this shard of humming melody, nonchalant walking along thought – and the music fades and reverberates into the ether just as it arrived.

*Someone in the comments of the song said it, the music sampled, sounded like Alec Mansion and apparently it is. He's a Belgian singer.

  • A recent album by DJ Supermarket that you might want to listen to is UX Design which was released 7 months ago by Roof Garden Records, owned by the musicmaker himself. By the way he is from Glasgow and he's called Jack Fawcett.

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