Monday 22 June 2015


Well well well well well, here I am. Here we are again. Always had a soft spot for music from videogames, and subsequent music that sounds like it could be/have been used in videogames – VGM (videogame music) if you like – so it comes as no surprise that today's little musical morsel arrives from an apparent videogame soundtrack composer/maker of videogame soundtracks. How many times can one person say videogame in a paragraph? Five six times.

This composer in question is Emanno. One look at his (ostensibly; there's no preference for male or female pronouns here) Twitter shows him to be a complete PlayStation nut – in that he's clearly a major fan of all things Sony PlayStation®, tweeting and retweeting PS news all over the place, as well as a self-confessed maker of "original game sound tracks" (I'm unsure if this is just describing the style of their music or simply telling us about their actual work). I've decided to rather impulsively share the first track I stumbled upon, 'Quality Game Pad'.

"It's kind of old school with a mixture of alternative & experimental soundtracks," says Emanno on the track's SoundCloud description. And that's exactly it. Analogue percussion makes its way to the forefront early on, constructive kicks mixing with unidentifiable shuffle clusters, subtle snares and a the dynamic tick of a snaking ebullient hi-hat. These ingredients for the beat jostle amongst each other, marking out a bustling foundation that feels at once wholly adventuresome, either urban-based or carved out in the deep unexplored depths of some fathomless fantasy world.

Over this constant of rapid-fire beat-led intrigue is an expectedly ordered series of staccato muffled organ-sounding struts and a series of lead synth sounds, calling out as if to herald the dawning of something wholly new, the siren-song of a gritted-teeth odyssey, danger and mystery conjured in the proclamative retro-futuristic heralding of these wide and wonderfully treated swells of sound. The gleaming metropolis, or the wild ancient planet-wide jungle, of a distant alien world – painted with pixels, of course – would sit just perfectly to these imaginative sounds.

  • If you're interested, and it's relevant to you, this guy's PSN account is Emanno_EAO.

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