Friday 19 June 2015


Before we even go anywhere, yes JD SenuTi is DJ iTunes backwards. If you know a few things about online music, you'll know that DJ iTunes was an actual person, a component of the future funk offshoot of the vaporwave community. Now the account's been shut down, the real question is: are DJ iTunes and JD SenuTi the same person? My guess is yes and they went the same way as Saint Pepsi (RIP), who had to change his name to Skylar Spence after Pepsi Co. kindly asked him to do so.

Anyway. Whatever, you know? Whatever… So we're here for 'Tokyo R246' – named after a course on Gram Turismo (plus it is also a real place) – which is fittingly pulsing with read-to-race eyeballs-to-the-tarmac high-octane downforceish power. Downforce: that's a motorsport term. And there's a quote in the SoundCloud description of the track, one from The Fast And The Furious. It doesn't get more... car-based than all that.

Resounding hi-hats glitter and pop through the crackling white noise of the track, the millisecond thoughts and decisions of racing swirling as conjured by the smart and squiffy synth wibbles. Heartbeat kicks punctuate with abrasive kicks, all of it high-velocity and underpinned by body-vibrating bass bloops that play out the kind of melody that suits a challenge, suits a gritted-teeth race-to-the-finish triumph, the joy of fast cars and urgency of competition fully at work in this retro-futuristic number.

And you know what? I don't even have a driving license, but I have an imagination.

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