Friday 26 June 2015


Any style of music suffixed by -core generally isn't widely held to be inherently "beautiful". Leave that to Edvard Grieg and ambient music and toytronic etc. But there are people out there making music that is both xxxxx-core and beautiful. Stunning, actually, if we want to all out on this one.

Specifically I'm talking about lolicore and this track, although not tagged as such, by Minogame called 'forget me not'. I've sort of self-diagnosed it as lolicore because it's arrived to our ears courtesy of lolicore-aligned label The Worst Label. We arrive now at the crucial moment where you open up the the keep gate of your mind and let in the broken frantic beats and vital charm of this piece of music.

It begins with delicate harp prostrating itself sadly amidst the finely textured rain sounds, the fluid plunks of the harp are joined by emotive strings as crunchy bitcrushed beats begin to clack into view, marching across the sky with all the crazed static of an approaching storm. Here is pathetic fallacy in music itself: a sad song mirrored by the eruption of heavy rain and thunderclaps.

Which may or may not appear in reality: amidst the chaos of rapid-fire, stretched and pitch-shifted, tormented snares there need be no extra sound effects. The breaks themselves are stormy enough, punctuated with offcuts of unknown high-register vocals, ripped apart and scattered for melodic effect as the aching virtuosity of these drum edits continue on their way. All the while, a new element in the touching backdrop of sound, a soft, resounding set of occasional chords, laps at the jagged corners here with puppy-dog eyes.

WHOOOSH~~ and we're back in the melting, heart-wrenching emotion from the beginning of the song. A subtle ringing bleep signals every now and again, then cuts into a continuous tone just like the beep of an ECG machine that tells you when someone's heart has stopped. Through this song, after breakneck calamity, a heart breaks somewhere.

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