Tuesday 13 January 2015


Here is a song from a Japanese producer Ryuma Miyamoto aka Dragon UMA. Now, UMA could stand for a lot of things (Universal Music Australia, Union du Maghreb arabe, uniform memory access) but I like to think, given the preceding 'Dragon' that it's a reference to the game Little King's Story. The enemies in the game, for the most part, are classified as "UMA" – Unidentified Mysterious Animals; though I can't remember stumbling upon a dragon-based one, unless it refers to the Worker Onii (onii = a kind of pun because "oni" is demon in Japanese and "onii" is means something like older brother or "big bro"), or the Blue Dragon Guardian (boss).

Anyway — enough of this!

I stumbled across this track called 'COSMOS' today and was pretty much intent on writing about it all day and I MADE SURE I DID. SO HERE I AM WRITING! WILLPOWER!

Beginning as a beat-heavy piece of robust pop that seems to sample some Japanese singing, the track soon slides into a unique foray into distorted trance-flavoured sounds. Piercing glassy chords lance outwards from a booming soundscape of fuzzy kicks exploding with bass, which become more frantically frequent as the melodies become more energetic.

In particular this is a synth symphony, a sweeping exposition of sounds from blissful solos to clustered bleepings, from syncopated grinds of bass blasts to high pitched sounds that are kind of like sneakers making that squeak sound on a polished floor (or the high pitched sound you can hear in the Graveyard level from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins). Overall it's packed with as much alternative dancefloor leanings – the bouncy yet abrasive kicks made me think of Pictureplane, as a comparison – as it is with not necessarily atmospheric but certainly scene-setting sounds.

Dragon UMA Social Media Presence ☟

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