Monday 19 January 2015


One commenter on this track said "gotta watch out the young ones are murking everyone in the game right now." And to some extent that may well be true. Not necessarily that they're already better, or that they are actually actually murking everybody, but the sentiment still stands. Why is it that a younger person might be better? Well, firstly it's easier to learn things when you're younger. Your brain is more malleable, skills and things sink in more easily. Secondly, there's less bias! If you've only just started making music at 20-something, it might be the case that you're more biased towards one sound, or less inclined to experiment with other sounds.

If I had more time to explore the differences more thoroughly with actual evidence, etc. then obviously I would sound less like I am totally going on conjecture and "what I think" i.e. "my opinion". But I digress.

I speak of youth because the producer of this track is, apparently, 14-years-old. Really? If so, that's amazing, big talent. But it's not the reason I'm writing about the track. I'm writing about it because I heard it and liked it! :)

Created by Finnish producer ryce – or for brevity's sake let's say just plain ryce (no pun intended) – the track is called 'f l o w e r s' or 'flowers' and it's a slow melding of luscious sounds twisting together to a gloriously textured beat twinkling with metallic and glassy chimes of percussion. It's underpinned with supple columns of bass, a sample, with pitch-shifted vocals and slow guitar twangs, from I-don't-know-where winding its way gently across the track. It tastes like vaporwave with hints of hip hop, but it feels more unique than that. It feels like liquid treasure, a bypassing of ontological worries to simply float through life with bliss free-flowing all around you. If only〜

The real beauty of being this young and this creative and talented, however, is anticipating how these skills and this vision will evolve over time. Here's hoping for the literal best song ever from ryce one day in the future.

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