Tuesday 20 January 2015


Here is probably I think the second ever post I've written about lolicore. The first time around was about a super-catchy track called '4U' by maedasalt. This time the high-octane madness crash lands on your screens courtesy of Atlanta, Georgia-based musicmaker Matoakai with a track called 'Bass Star Pilot'.

Fraught with diced-up samples frenetically staccato throughout, the track firstly booms with lightly distorted kicks with abrasive snares resembling a super-decayed kinda breakbeats. After a snippet of somebody talking in Japanese, the beat gets some supreme edits, rattling with super-speed hi-hats and minigun snares, distant cosmic sounds like the rims of wine glasses being played in space providing an otherworldly, atmospheric backdrop to the micro-fractured beats.

A couple of times there's this wild flute sound, a kind of dead-of-night wolf-like sound (I think it's some kind of flute, maybe a Native American one I don't know), which should be out of place – a 'natural' sound in amidst the mad mechanical chops and cuts – but works perfectly; a song of instinct as a star pilot navigates their way through perilous multitudes of asteroids, warning lights flashing urgently inside the tiny starship as it zips past obstacles like a crazy insect.

Matoakai / gomigomi Social Media Presence ☟

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