Wednesday 14 January 2015


Not sure where this guy is from but I'm going to make some sort of half-educated guess. So… yeah, I think he might be from Paris. And in fact – could be male or female. So let's say… them. They might be from Paris because they tagged the song as 'Paris' (also a Parisian musicmaker commented on the track, too, so…). Then again, they've also tagged it with The, Imaginarium, Midnight, Beats, 2015, and Hadrian. So who can say anything for sure? Not I. Not I.

So anyway, the track is called 'Past Midnight' and it's by somebody making music under the name GHOST CRUISE. The etymology of the name… a ghost cruise I suppose. Either a cruise for ghosts or a cruise you go on to see ghosts. Sorry, too much talking.

The track itself is gloriously wonky, owing not only to the skipping off-kilter beat that thuds and thumps along, nor just to the the seemingly arhythmic synth bass bouncing throughout, but also to the sounds higher up the scale. Harp flourishes sweep as if endlessly conjuring a flashback, backdropped with phasing sounds and punctuated with zither icicles and delicate strings. Something wholly fitting the title 'After Midnight', summoning the unreal moods and atmospheres that effuse from the heart of night itself.

GHOST CRUISE Social Media Presence ☟

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