Saturday 20 September 2014


Quite possibly the most fantastic song we've heard from VentureX ever, but then again there's ultracool this footwork-flavoured track (called 「フットワーク」 which actually says 'footwork') from a while ago, and also VX's recent album Together released via supra-chilled label/collective Stratford CT., which is a go-to thing for me recently; it's been warm, food & drink's been had outside, I stick this album on – it suits the mood. So I take it back. It's probably not the MOST fantastic song ever from this person, but still: it IS fantastic.

It's the initial seasoning that had me, that repeating bit of FX-laden synth and the spicy bongos, both setting the scene for a track that's like cool sour cream on top of heavily jalapeñoed nachos: it's rich, warm, zingy and fresh all the same time. Samples arrive for the most part in unintelligible mouth movements, until the song's final part where its title loops again and again in a tirade of casual longing (after some searching, I reckon the sample is from Tegan and Sara's 'I Was a Fool').

A detail that stands out: A clap gets some spotlight and reverbs out into the middle of nowhere, painting a picture of even more depth in this funky house themed feast, already thick with layered sounds and seemingly perfect sample placement.

Chords twinge in satisfying syncopation sounding like they've come from pianos made of space jelly, and there's also some wibbling percussion like some kind of intergalactic candy dropping in puddles of, um, mountain dew? I'm not sure anymore. All I know is that this song moves out of the trappings of future funk to deliver a deeper sound, a more thoughtful and considered funky house perhaps, but ultimately a sound destined for the dancefloor – and if not, then at least it might turn the space which it fills INTO a dancefloor. YEAH. "

As far as we know this is a random SC upload. There might be more to come, like an "album" or an "EP", but it's probable that this is just an upload, something that a lot of people are still trying to come to terms with; don't worry, it's only the unknowable future at the door, you don't have to answer it right now.

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