Saturday 20 September 2014


It's that time again. Someone donates a hefty portion of their time in order to create a nice little mix for anybody who wants to hear it. There is no exclusivity here, no whatever, we just asked whether Ushua would wanna make a mix for YES/NO or not and he said yes. Here we are. Recently this LA-based producer remixed a track by Jaust called 'Feel The Smoke Rise' with some seriously pugilistic footwork zing. Other than that, there's not much else to say.

With the mix he was gonna put together, he said he wanted to represent or at least showcase his collective, Na Radhi (like Ulzzang Pistol did with his mix a couple of months back). I learnt that "Na radhi" means "with pleasure" in Swahili; "We like to take that thought into our production and just make music we enjoy listening to ourselves," explains Ushua. "Our goal as a collective is to release as much good content as possible and grow." Alongside fellow member, Lo Key Dst, they want to connect with other likeminded musicmakers, release their creations and collaborate with them.

We have studios set up where we live so it's our goal to create as much as possible. Bedroom producers as most would say.

A recent discovery will also be the debut release for the collective-slash-label: "Forthcoming on Na Radhi our debut will feature DJ Unlimited Breadsticks' Grissinni Ghost EP," Ushua tells me. "We met him over the internet and he wanted to put out a release, and Lo Key and I remixed a track also." It's this combo of connectivity and communication that seems to be at the heart of this collective – it is rooted wholly in the internet: a tool for deep, wide searches on SoundCloud for new & unique music, and a way to share these and other things. "Lo Key and I bounce ideas off each other with different aspects of our production. We help each other grow as artists which is a really good thing," says Ushua. "Having similar influences in beats and other types of music, always good to trade files with someone who has a good iTunes..."

His mix is a testament to all things big and beautiful in a world built with bricks of trap and footwork, from the quasi-religious experience of Fatima Al Qadiri's track 'Szechuan', where traditional Chinese sounds meet a kind of mystical grime from under the ground in some desert somewhere, to the synth-soaked breakbeats-in-space of Lockah and Eloq's coproduction, 'Jupiter', and everything in between – Young Triforce Cat Baron's heartbreaking 'Usagi Sadness' and the clever electronic chill of the actually brilliant 'Dayum' by cln.

Ushua talks about it. "The mix is a wide variety of styles from halftime to footwork/cinematic and everything in between, much like Na Radhi there is a nice variety spanning all types of influences and genres," he says. "There are [also] a couple unreleased bootlegs/reworks and a recent release from Na Radhi's Old Ransom for ILoveMakonnen."

But I think you've probably read enough for now. Big thanks to Ushua. Please enjoy the mix.

• T R A C K L I S T •
  1. Ringatone - I'm Sprung (Joey Edit)
  2. Vybz Kartel - My Crew
  3. Ushua – SeanDaWhite (Demo)
  4. dd elle – Kind 2 U (Demo)
  5. Mr. Carmack - Extra
  6. Young Triforce Cat Baron – Usagi Sadness
  7. Ba-kuura – Dream Sim
  8. ILoveMakonnen – I Mix My (Ushua Adn Edit)
  9. Fatima Al Qadiri – Szechuan
  10. Arnold – IDC
  11. cln – Dayum
  12. DJ Paypal X Ticklish – Worst Behavior
  13. DJ Unlimited Breadsticks – ??? (Ushua X Lo Key Dst Remix) Forthcoming on Na Radhi
  14. Lockah & Eloq – Jupiter
  15. Ryan Hemsworth – Weird Life (Druid Cloak Remix)
  16. Jagged Edge – He Can't Love You (Ticklish Reboot)
  17. T-Pain – Drankin' Patna (Ushua Remix)
  18. ILoveMakonnen – Club Going Up on a Tuesday (Old Ransom Bootleg)

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