Friday 12 September 2014


Get your brain massages right here! Come on folks, step on up step on up – you sir, with the brain, ain't yer brain tired of doing stuff? Ain't it harrrrd deciphering this world we live in sometimes? Well this is like a new lil miracle massage for grey matter called 'TOKYO AUDIO' and it's by AIR Japan. It's actually music it's not a real massage.

But it feels like one. All the sounds in this track are so gently fluid that it's real difficult not to drift away with em for the two minutes in which they exist, but at the same time they're all so futuristic, they're carefully considered noises that do not conjure a particular time and place that you have ever imagined. Instead you are seated in a plush chamber of chill, a deep chair softening as you recline in it, almost gripping your limbs with its nanotechnological cushions, a large screen (for um, hypnotising you? or something) change colours with each gargantuan wave of synth chord, bright cerulean fades into electric mauve. Each one is like a breath, the track effusing organic and automatic aesthetics simultaneously.

With the slow arpeggio, the percussive clicks, the backwards-water-droplet sound, the soft plasma waves of far-off flute noises twisting into figures of eight and other variously arranged loops of ethereality, the endlessly phasing resonance of those lounge inflected chords: it all melds into a thing that's as much future-spa as it is console startup screen, as undeniably chilled as it is portalesque in its purpose, cyber-exotica for the now.

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