Tuesday 26 August 2014


To make something like this – already so cosmically engaging and bustling with energy – to sound as interesting and exciting as it does for as long as it is must take some skill, some talent, but also hard work, patience, and, of course, good ears. To keep it so full of life all the way through, with its dramatic acrobatics, to maintain unending zest and intrigue, this takes love – not necessarily for the finished product, because a day is not there for the sunset alone, but for the process of creation itself: for the movement, order and flow of action.

Wow um ok, so that's what Japanese trio Pa's Lam System kind of does here in their latest track called 'Like A Lady', synonymous with the words sung by its ornamental sped-up female vocal sample. It's a song that stays fresh all the way through. Nothing is overused: a water droplet plinks only, "Hey!" samples are used with consideration, an arpeggio that weaves dreamily in and out of the forefront, a vinylesque drum and bass sample rattles only in one place… And that's not to mention the composition itself, the expansive rainbow chords and their wild somersaults and mad flips, the contented magical melody in the song's calm finale, the virtuosic power of the drums, the flighty adventuresome synth solo, the bass like controlled explosions of pure silk gloss underpinning all of the above greatness. It really takes your mind for a ride.

Also it might just be me, but it's mastered low enough to be able to turn the volume right up… it's kind of satisfying that I go to turn the volume up on this one and it's already FULL PELT ✔

  • This fantastic slice of inverted-Jersey-Club footwork from these Maltine playmates stands next to a very different but also quite amazing beast called 'Twin' by Hyper Juice on the 2-track Hypa'slam EP, a collaboration between the two artists available nowhere except on your computer for streaming.

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