Wednesday 18 September 2013


O dang o damn. Feel da Funk. Can you feel it? If you haven't pressed play, then I doubt very much if you're feeling the funk at all at the moment - unless, that is, you happen to be listening to funk already; or perhaps you feel pretty funky anyway. Maybe you're a funky person generally. Well, whether you got the funk or you don't got the funk or you want to know what the shiz I'm talking about, then I'd read on.

Hi, it's me again. So here we have VentureX, a producer from Chicago, with the overtly funky vibrations of 'Keep On & On', one of his most recent songs. He's rather prolific on his SoundCloud so I'd check that out if I were you - there are tons of gems just like this one. I chose 'Keep On & On' cause it sounds grrrrreat, better than a bowl of Frosties. "What's cooler than being cool?" asked Andre 3000. "Ice cold!" the people respond. And this song is ice cold. Freezy.

The song seems to fade in from nowhere, just like all good future funk songs, and at once it explodes into a funk-tastic groove of a track. The bass digs deep into your spirit. The drums thud, glitching out every now and again in delicious clipping clops and delectable clopping clips - hi-hats tick and the snare is a vicious slap. Synth samples wash over your brain. A piano is in there too. The funk guitar or synth or whatever-it-is melody conduces a funk-flavoured dance-a-thon in your blood.

The vocal is a strong altered sample from somewhere (do you know where it's from? I don't); it's handled with care and stretched to dynamic proportions around the change of vibe in the song as it becomes a blast of energy aside from the head-nodding funk that cushions this section. Don't you just dig the the bongo rhythms at 3:05? And then the song fades out. It leaves as it arrived. A brief spark of stimulation for the brain and body, carrying with it the spirit of funk as well as the spirit of the radio on a Saturday afternoon in the 1990s. You can't deny that. Listen to more of this guy's songs.

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