Friday 6 September 2013


Yo cool kids and hip-happenin peeps, word on the street is Psapp is/are back after like so long! ... Truth is, I'd never heard of Psapp before until yesterday. Then I did hear of them and I heard their actual music, their new song in particular, and I liked it and that's how I am here writing this now. Since I don't know Psapp, let's talk about that for a second.

They are a duo, Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann, from London who met 12 years ago and have been creating music ever since. According to their Wikipedia page they are credited with the creation of "toytronica" - electronica augmented by the use of toy instruments (whistles, flutes, mini guitars, a chicken). They've released four albums and five EPs. That's a lotta releasing. Despite these past endeavours I think it's important to focus on what's going on now: their new song 'Everything Belongs To The Sun'. It's nice and I hope you like it too.

In a way, everything kinda does belong to the sun, doesn't it? Well rather than belonging... we kinda just really need the sun. If you can equate this neediness to a sense of belonging to someone, then I guess yeah. Everything belongs to the sun. In any case, it's a bustling and busy song that sweats with equatorial rhythms, fizzing flavours of various modes of trickling percussion - even hand claps; my favourite! - float into your mind like a surreal vision crossing in front of you.

The vocals are good too - in the spirit of repetition, the lyrics "Everything belongs to the sun..." loop like a mantra, layered in distinctive harmonies for a gloriously enigmatic effect in Galia's clean and confident tones. A background "oooo-oo" joins the beat for additional tropicalia. At 2:55 a ukelele or something lends its whimsy to the collection of noises, and a baby gurgling also joins the party for cementing the fact that everything, yes even babies, belong to the sun. Where the hey do you think babies darn come from? It's the sun! Um.

Anyway, I really like this. It's a lovely tribally sound from some people who clearly like making music, and not just making music like playing an instrument but TRULY making music, like... chucking sounds together. For instance, a baby? Come on. That's a quaint curio if there ever was one. Nice experimentation. Looking forward to the album which is "coming soon".

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