Tuesday 17 September 2013


Omg what the hell so old omg what am i doing??? Song so old. so old. Is that ok? Of course it is. Since I've got that out of the way we can move forward with the singular purpose of writing nice things about this very good song, no matter how old it is. Have you heard it before? If you have, please register your complaints with any good social media outlet - something like "This isn't new music you dimwit!" would be cool. If you haven't heard it, you're in for a treat.

The song is called 'Parables' and it's by a girl who is really good at making music called JENI. She was brought to my attention from a tweet I saw the other day (it was actually from Lidly) and it's that kinda thing where you get sucked into someone's YouTube channel and just can't stop watching. Once you pop you most certainly cannot stop. Especially when the channel is good. JENI makes music defined by futuristic synth sounds, thickets of R&B beats and beautiful vocals, all of which are provided by JENI herself.

She's made her name by covering/remaking some pretty high-brow songs, for example, SBTRKT's 'Wildfire', Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' and 'Stay' by Rihanna. And they're all beautiful covers. I urge you to check them out. But I thought I'd chat about something original by her. Here's 'Parables'.n

The base of this track is Jeni's fantastic looping work on the vocals she records at the beginning. I have a lot of time for loopers (is that the right word); The mind-power needed to construct things in this way is pretty impressive. But yeah, those oh-oh-oh's sound just gorgeous - and these are only supporting vocals. She brings in some heavenly thick synth, all-encompassing, smooth, mind-tanglingly bassy. It's the perfect contrast to her voice, which is superb, dripping in pop groove and aching with emotion - powerful yet floating above everything else.

Modulating synth chords pierce the softness that comes before to bulge in the chorus, alongside the deep pulse of a beat heavy with kicks and featuring the perfect tap of a snare. All of it is beautifully produced. Her voice is half-shrouded in a mist of reverb, the bass is undulating and organic, she brings in electronic bleeps to decorate the track like glitter and alters the beat at times to muffle it. That voice though. Very nice. All to the tune of what is essentially like future-something. Future R&B. Speaking of futures, hers could be very bright indeed. How wonderful that true talent can shine through in this day and age more than in any other.

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