Friday 20 September 2013


At the time of writing, I'm currently upstairs in a house somewhere in the suburbs of Surrey buzzing off some coffee. It's "French" coffee from Tesco's. Someone is hoovering relentlessly outside the room, thoroughly sucking up that dust 'n' dirt. I've just been having a look at Rob Kardashian's new sock range (here are my favourites) and outside it's kinda sunny but kinda damp as well. But it's not raining, which is a plus. Why do I tell y'all dis? Just to paint a picture. That's all. Oh - I'm getting a bit annoyed with someone putting their feet in my face, as well.

Anyway. We are here for music. But that is an image of what I am doing whilst I listen to this song 'S☹rry' (hereinafter 'Sorry', can't be pastin' that forever) by 20-year-old Irish producer Harmful Logic, aka Steven Clarke, who is from Drogheda. Ever heard of it? Me either, sorry, but apparently it's got quite a nice art scene. That's all I know, thanks Wikipedia. My mind's feeling pretty cloudy and the fizzy wash of sound that exudes from 'Sorry' is quite a nice cushion to wrap around it right now.

The song is based on a semi-unrecognisable set of samples including a woman saying something and a sound like Gregorian chanting - giving it the bleak sense of sanctuary that comes with wandering around a musty old church - as well as more instrumental samples, a stringed something-or-other like muffled glitter in the bubblesome deep of the white-noise synth that shudders below and within all the other sounds.

The beat is done in a lo-fi hip hop style, thin snares cloaked with reverb partner with the slightest of kicks to the metallic metronome of the hi-hat, speeding up and disappearing at some points for some subtle dynamic changes. It suits the lo-fi sound in general, really. Altogether this song is like being dipped in that kind of feeling where you're somewhere but not REALLY THERE, the mush of conversations passing over your ears, other thoughts on your mind. Kind of dark, but relaxed about it all. Chillin'. That's what this song's like.

If you like this then you'll be pleased to know that Harmful Logic also recently put out an album - his debut, Lost In The World - on Mexico-based label, PIR▲.MD Records.

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