Thursday 20 December 2012


Ok, so somehow I missed this amazing song. I've seen people mention the 17-year-old, Orlando-(FL)-based XXYYXX on Twitter so many times, but never thought that I would ever check it out - why? I'm not sure. Probably I was confused: is it a mash-up between The xx and xxxy? Huh? But anyway, I've finally had a listen to this one particular song and I'm amazed - hypnotised is probably a better word. 'About You' has been watched over five million times on YouTube, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this were because of the same thousand or something people just replaying the song over and over again. It's utterly addictive.

But of course, haters gon' hate. Some comments on the song have given it stick because of its blatant simplicity and have implied the old classic: "anyone can do this" - to which I would reply with a new classic: "yeah, but anyone didn't do it, this person did." But anyway, leaving behind the sourpusses of this world, I can safely say that I supremely dig this song.

It is the ultimate chillwave, the most minimalist beat I have heard all year - just an audaciously minimalistic kick and a snare through the whole song - as well as the most minimalist melody, consisting of modulating synth chords switching between two sets of notes. Although on paper it does sound a little sparse, it's actually anything but that. It's entirely gripping, keeping you in its clutches as new parts are gradually introduced, such as this freaky vocal sample that is slowed down to a crazy degree in some parts, and also a random part of some dub-style singing tinged with rattling hi-hats. It all bubbles up, tension rising, until the synth explodes and a wobbling bass kicks in towards the end of the song - it's such a change in dynamic that you can't not be blown away by it the first, second, third, and so on, time(s) that you listen to it. Pure heaven. Love it.

"Is there more?" I hear you cry. Yes, there's a whole album, called XXYYXX, go and listen to it.

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