Saturday 1 December 2012


I'd never heard of this guy before, but now I'm rather glad that I've discovered Kryone. He's a Mexico-based producer and DJ currently signed to forward-thinking Mexican label PIR▲.MD, established just last year and determined to release to the world a new sound of electronic hip hop music from its various artists. Kryone is one such artist and, boy oh boy: what a sound he's developed.

His song 'Without You' - released just a few days ago - is a great example of the new sound that has been in a state of emergence over the past couple of years: electronic music with the swagger and attitude of hip hop, mixed with a dark and moody sensibilities inherent in, well, I don't know what, gothic music or something? Not sure. Either way, I like it.

It's made up of slow attack synth that buzzes like some nocturnal flying thing, competing in their soft chords above a killer, solid bass that bores straight through you, vibrating every bone. Before you know it, a snare begins to roll faster and faster, so fast that it sounds like a door hinge squeaking in agony, as a prelude to the end of the moody, ambient bass of the song - it gives way to swirling, modulating sawwave synth, an incredible change in sound and dynamic. Some people call this kind of music 'Trap' (I've labelled it as such, too) but I have no comprehension at all of this bizarre term, so let's just go with it for an easy life. It reminds me a little of White Ring and Rritualzz - who is, in fact, another Mexican artist. Perhaps there is something of a scene in Mexico surrounding the artists, and their consumers, of this deep, dark music.

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