Saturday 15 December 2012


You may already know what I've written about this one. That was live. This is recorded. If you don't like listening to live stuff, and shunned my last post for that very reason, then you can not-shun this post. Let's recap anyway.

'My Number' is totally groovesome, like a loveable though uncoordinated janitor injected with PURE funk who then discards his drab uniform revealing a huge tattoo of a palm-tree-lounger-cocktail-complete-with-paper-umbrella combo on his chest and then body pops down the corridors of the school he works at whilst the children rush out of classrooms to cheer him on and clap and the teachers are stuttering and flustered and the head teacher is raging as the janitor clicks his heels and makes his final tango out of the main doors of the school - nice, eh?

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