Wednesday 19 December 2012


No, I haven't taken up drawing in my spare time, this is actually the bizarrely titillating, comic-style cover for Brodinski's first ever EP released on his own label - Bromance Records - called Bromance #7 (released 10th December). This is one of the songs from the EP, of course, and the title 'Dance Like Machines' is something that is, well, let's say explored in the video: there are a lot of strippers and there is a lot of dancing. Besides dancing being their jobs, it's no wonder that they're dancing to this latest tasty morsel from Louis Brodinski - I'm almost throwing my clothes off as I type and listen, which as you can imagine is a tricky feat, so I'll stick to the point.

The stabbing synth of this song is addictive, a kind of electronic honky tonk / harpsichord trance style - the kind of sound that you wouldn't mind having in your ears for more than the duration of the song. It's all set to a relentless techno beat that is characterised in its severity by the huge sub bass globulating under everything; it's as if a beautiful table has been set, all the silverware and candlesticks are in place, the wine is just about to be poured, but from out of nowhere the table itself starts expanding and contracting, and the tablecloth is undulating like so many storm-tossed waves. Yes, there's beauty in the brutality of this song - exactly the same as the unlikely beauty that is found in the strip joints in the video. Do I get extra points for that comparison? I hope so.

It's a great song, one that will get you pumped for going out dancing, or one that will aid further in your dancing when you're already out dancing. I love how Brodinski manages to marry the dubstep rhythm of the first part of the song, and throughout, with the thumping, technolicious 4/4 beat that is its mainstay. Enjoy. Some say the video is NSFW, and indeed YouTube removed it on those grounds, but who cares. Watch it wherever. Watch it on the train in front of people or something.

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