Wednesday 12 December 2012


Whenever a new rapper comes on the scene, the event is usually met with cheers and frantic attempts to compare the new, up-and-coming star to something that's come before - not something that everybody really wants to hear at the best of times, least of all rappers in particular. Thankfully, I won't be comparing Cory Jreamz to anybody.

A Houston-native, he's entirely unique to himself, combining a mix of personal, diary-entry-esque revelations about himself with a nearly confrontational, swaggering delivery, making full use of his voice to blend the words together in a flow that seems at once natural and raw. It's impressive, and it's what you'd hear if you took a listen to Vague Current Vivid Fated (or VCVF for short), his second EP (after Polysemy earlier this year) that was released just over a week ago. With all songs being written at age 18, this for Cory Jreamz himself is a way to get his feelings out in the open whilst doing what he loves most, which is creating music - of course.

In just four tracks, we're taken through all the feelings that go with being 18 - starting with the wild ambition driven by an intense aversion to anything related to failure in first song '18', mixing lyrics imbued with eyes-on-the-prize attitude as well as nerdy, suburban culture like watching Family Guy and going to TGI Fridays. From this, we naturally move to love, with second track 'Bonney', expounding Cory's surprise at his actions and feelings upon finding a girl's conversation better than her body, which was "amazing - mazin'mazin'mazin'mazin'mazin'mazin'mazin". Next, we come back to reality with 'No Castles In The Air', in which he tackles thoughts of the road ahead: "Seriously, I think I'm dead if I don't make this music right"; at which point we come to the despair of 'When The Youth Cut Their Wrist'. It's a whirlwind tour of mixed emotions of a talented rapper determined to make something of himself - have a listen.

But it's not just the lyrics with Cory Jreamz - the music is just as important. This is provided by BeatKnox, ATIRA, LyteSho!, DJ Rhino, his engineer Vince Campos, and of course Cory himself. He has said that each one of these songs has a "deep meaning" to him, so why would he want to leave them as 2-minute-long rap fade-outs? Instead each one is turned into an odyssey - '18' relies on a thunderingly low bass to carry on the attitude long after his voice leaves the track. We get bombarded with distortion and saw-wave bass towards the end of 'No Castles In The Air' before a Middle Eastern-style drumming and chanting takes its place with an epic, kneeling-on-a-clifftop guitar solo squealing over the top. Similarly, 'When The Youth Cut Their Wrist' is actually mostly instrumental, being awash with wavering bass and touching piano melodies that are interspersed with gravelly distortion. Tasty stuff.

To summarise: Cory Jreamz will only get bigger, his lyrics more polished, his music even more suited to the subject matter - he's on the up and you should be following his every move.

You can download the EP Vague Current Vivid Fated FOR FREE from MediaFire.

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