Saturday 8 December 2012


Ahh, Tropics - his music is so tasty, like a well-deserved Nando's or forgotten-about Magnum Caramel that you re-find crouching in your freezer. Yes, we can confirm that Tropics is just as fantastic as everybody is making out. Just a smigden over a month ago Chris Ward, the man - the brain - behind Tropics, released his first EP, Popup Cinema, to much acclaim; I mean, we liked it (and you can read that right here), so what more do you need to know? It was a delightful jig into a calming sea of soulful vocals and ambient synth sounds that gave you sunny pop with one hand and presented experimental twists and turns with the other. Beautiful.

But that aside, what has Mr. Ward gone and done now but remixed a song? He's actually shadowed the original, his remix standing tall like a majestic palm tree under a full moon and a pebble beach of stars. Where were we...

Oh yes. He's remixed a lovely song by Poliça called 'Wandering Star'. The original is a sparse mix of doleful bass, slapdash drums and vocals that seem to stretch forwards and backwards in time, dripping with lashings of reverb. Listen to this below:

But now, below, we have the remix with the Tropics Touch - a chillwave kind of magic wand, I guess. It takes the heart of the original and puts it into a new body, and a very nice body at that, one that vibrates non-stop with a wavy bass, one that offers up synthy organ tones, one that participates in an orgy of sound, a dazzling, near-jazzy confetti that leads us towards the end of the song over a supremely laid-back beat. A fantastic use of vocal samples at the beginning and end of the song shows Tropics' talent for chopping the right bits and repeating them the right amount of times, like a skillful sound-butcher - and actually, on the subject of vocals, the singing on the track seems to fit Tropics' remix more than the original. Is that a bad thing to say? Not sure, but it's the true thing to say. Feast your ears on this.

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