Wednesday 31 October 2012


Guitar music is in a bit of a slump at the moment - or so it seems. Everyone is loving electronic things, myself included, but whatever happened to the good old fashioned three piece? Three piece, you know? Not a three piece suit, nor a three piece suite, but a three piece band. A person on bass, another on guitar, and another on drums - one or more of them sing. It's a romantic image, nostalgic even, like the memory of listening to Blink 182 and noticing for the first time that Mark and Tom were taking it in turns to sing. Or like... well, who cares. Tangled Hair is a good three piece.

Above is their video promoting their Japan Tour 2012, featuring a song from their EP Apples, 'I'm Calmer Than You Are'. It's great. Great song. Complicated rhythms abound thanks to some intricate, and frankly very impressive drumming, but this is the feature piece for guitar work that is sometimes as simple as whacking one chord for a few bars. Even the guitar is filled with contrast, moving from that simplicity to splash around with some fabulous guitar tapping (always impresses me) and deliciously delicate noodling. The bass moves up and down in waves, sometimes following the guitar, sometimes bringing up the rear with an earthy groove that sounds oh so very marvelous in your eardrums.

That's them playing another song, 'Forty Winks', live at Banquet Records in Kingston (my ends). The technical wizardry involved in creating a song like this is nothing short of very cool - the groove in this song is too head-boppable for words.

I listened to the rest of Apples. It's well, well worth a listen. I sincerely recommend it - check their Bandcamp page (below) to do so. Or search on Spotify if you have it.

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