Wednesday 31 October 2012


Dark and moody. That's the direction of a lot of electronic music now. Granted, it's still kind of sitting in the corner like a withering wallflower, but it's gaining popularity. What better way to get you dancing than out of some sense of vague fear. Do not run from your demons, dance with them. Is that a saying? No, it isn't.

But in any case, here's Frost with something new. Got you there didn't I? Because the song's called 'Something New'. And I said "something new". They're, like, the same. It's the latest single from their album Radiomagnetic (released September 2012), and it's a good one indeed. Gnawing at you with ice cold trance synths yet keep keeping it all cushioned with some sub-zero bass, and getting you all anxiously excited with frenetic hi hats on speed, the vocals speaking like a ghost through a radio, the song is an unexpected foot-tapper with some lovely screeching build-ups and fading come-downs that keep this 8-minute doozie flowing and interesting. Layering helps, too, like the snare sound later on in the song that sounds like some phantom of the past dragging its feet along concrete corridors. Spooky and chilly but cool. I'd check their album out on Spotify, too, if I were you, plenty more beats and clever electro trickery await you.

The bizarre video fits the song perfectly. But what's it all about? Well...

The footage is part of an obscure documentary project entitled ‘Ghost Radio Hunter’ – a collaboration between Carl Critical, Russian underground filmmaker Kostya Shamshin and Frost, covering an expedition into the Arctic looking for the source of mysterious radio signals that were the inspiration for the making of the album ‘Radiomagnetic’.

There you go. Frost are Norwegian, by the way, and have actually been around for 1997 - of course, they're pretty well known in their motherland, but for us their sounds are as new as a polished baby.

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