Tuesday 30 October 2012


This is the sound of Beat Connection, a Seattle-bred band touting themselves as "Tropical Psychedelic Pop" - I'd say that their self-diagnosis is quite accurate. If you like comparisons — if that's your thing, if that's what you're into, if it makes you click the play button — then think of them as hybrid of Delphic / Friendly Fires / Vampire Weekend, except less of the pop and more of the tropico-psychedelic or psycho-tropical. The song above, the dance-driving, samba-toting, delectably rhythmic 'Saolo', is a perfect example of the kind of wooden-hut-and-tiki-lights vibe that weaves its way through all of the music on their album The Palace Garden, released 6th August this year. It's a song that moves from the daylight chillfest of holidays in the sun to the glowing humidity of an equatorial night in the space of 3 minutes 37 seconds.

In the above song, 'Invisible Cities' the vocals of the singer are shown off. It's decidedly a more sombre affair than 'Saolo', though still full of afrobeat rhythms and beautiful harmonies that turn it into a soaring dreamtime chillout session. These two show the range of Beat Connection: one minute you're jumping up and down, another you're swaying or nodding your head. It's a shame that nobody seems to have picked up on these guys because their album The Palace Gardens is full of more chilled, tropical electro that shows a side of the band that's rather partial to a bit of dancefloor storming: 'Think Feel' (featuring guest vocals from graphic designer Chelsey Scheffe) illustrates this more than adequately - listen to that HERE.

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