Tuesday 28 June 2016


What happens when two experimental electronic labels team up for a compilation? You get a lovely cocktail of flavours, that's what. Two labels DESKPOP and Galaxy Swim Team recently joined forces for their Summer Solstice compilation, which dropped a week or so ago. With it dropped this particular morsel of music, fallen from the sky from some distant planet: 'Shimmering Beach World' by space candy. Who is space candy? What does space candy want? Otherwise known by human name Alex Polanski, there's not a lot else I can say about this musicmaker.

As for 'Shimmering Beach World', it's a blend of jabbering vox, rich synth chords that buzz and flash, and beat combinations that whilst disparate work together wonderfully. At once it feels intergalactic and spacey, wonky soft chords winding like wreaths of smoke with glittering unexpected melodies bustling around, a sense of intoxication and otherworldliness emanating from the unusual, unconventional sounds. Combine with moments of slow, seething beats, drums tumbling like boulders, fizzing percussion, a definitive intensity set against the more horizontal parts, and you have yourself a little party in your ears, like the aural equivalent of a popping candy and sour Haribo mix, with marshmallow thrown in for good measure.

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