Monday 27 June 2016


Here is something short and sweet from Taiwan-dwelling beatmaker-/-producer Luviia. It's called 'x v v w' and it's tagged on SoundCloud as "Downtempo" and, well, yeah, that's what it is: utterly chilled. It's quite short, just over a minute long. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you want it to be longer; 10 times longer would be lovely. You can, however, just stick it on loop and enjoy it fluttering in and out of your mind.

It's a waterfall of sound... muffled synth chords rush between thumping heartbeat kicks set against a backdrop of nocturnal insectoid chirrupings and intermittent bass groove. Soft mellow chimes and bright string arpeggios decorate the track all the way, till it cuts out and drops in again – clearer, sharper, more deliciously crunching and with crisp percussion adding luscious texture. Paints a mood of growing chillment, the anticipation of escaping; nocturnal solace after a long, busy day, sinking into content fatigue.

  • Wanna hear more? Check Luviia's latest album, Mo' Butter, released at the beginning of this year on Inner Ocean Records

Luviia's Social Media Presence ☟

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