Friday 24 June 2016


All I know about lumi is that they appear to be from DC (Washington DC is that right?) and they appear to be 15 (years old? minutes late? metres tall?). Other than that, nothing. But being unknown to YES/NO until about 20 minutes ago isn't a big deal; they've got traction, and for a good reason. Simply put, it's very nice sounds all round.

Case in point: 'boundless'. After a quiet and fizzy crackling build-up, rough backwards sounds rolling gently like waves of static across a somewhat bossa nova rhythm with handclaps and fingerclicks, the track goes into full swing. Jabs of synth and crashing drum between slabs of empty space that leave you reeling, skiffling hi-hats and soft arpeggios adding flavour and fervour to the pastel furore of the track. There's even a key change at the end. It feels boundless, the galloping rhythm and the power of the staccato synth chords fuelling this sense of open space and excitement.

lumi's Social Media Presence ☟

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