Wednesday 22 June 2016


Getting hooked to this track is as easy as pressing play and beginning its ping-pong insectoid clatter percussion noises simmering away. It's a treat for a brain that wants to listen to these luscious noises, combined with and underpinned with a heady wave of rich bass. Click click clatter click pop. The beat develops and evolves with a skipping syncopated snap, percussive stringy sounds adding to the soft crunch of this popping candy soundscape, colourful atonal chords bouncing along.

The way it breaks into something more sombre is beautiful, the beat suddenly falling away to reveal a wash of rain, an intensifying slosh of sound. Then— nothing. Nothing: brief silence, room to breathe, and then the beat and the percussion enjoy their final fizzing fade to the end. It feels gloriously cluttered, a meandering progression, a busy mind gradually adding more weight and more thoughts until that rainy drop into brief oblivion... and then— and then, it starts all over again. Or its a portrait of going through the motions, automatic living, perhaps, until you begin to think about it too much.

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