Wednesday 18 March 2015


Somehow I'd never heard of this guy before — I mean, I say "somehow", but the reasons are obvious. It's just happened as it happened, as everything in this world happens. There is no vague, ambiguous "somehow" about anything, really, if you think about it. Do you get me?

But the main point: hers is new for me. Talking about hers is a syntactical nightmare – there's hers music, hers sound. It looks weird. But I like that it's an odd name. At least it's, like, different. Anyway. Anyway anyway anyway. His (his first name is Chris) track 'transition' is what we're here for. It's a concoction of different flavours, styles even, making a cocktail out of ambient, VGM sounds, trap heft, footwork fizz… Uniquely – at least from my standpoint anyway – the track's bpm changes as the vibe changes.

Beginning with a gentleish 130, it's a dreamscaping slow jam evoking semi-tropical scenes with glockenspiel clusters and snippets of synth chords, booping sounds like a harp speeding up to the next change at 154, where we're ushered into something dank and stark and anxious for just a moment, until we finish on a propulsive 124bpm: a house-flavoured beat contains tasty judders of slap bass and twinkle-glamourous high-pitched glitterings of high-register synth.

It's a small journey: from home turf, to somewhere anxiety-inducing just for a moment, and ending up somewhere kinetic yet comfortable; all of it glistens with an endearing sun-soaked, splashed-pool-water-on-warm-skin, feel-good, everything's-gonna-be-fine-ness.

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