Saturday 7 March 2015


Something tasty for you today on this wonderful Saturday. The sun is out, the air is warm (warmer than it has been) and Spring is in the air. The land births itself once more, life emanates from previous barren scenery. Flowers and sunshine. Fresh vitality. If you are reading this you are alive. I am writing this whilst alive. Generally it's good to be alive. Let's be alive together~

Anyway the pre-mentioned something tasty is a Guest Mix, no. 26 (twenty-six) for YES/NO, and it arrives like a cherry pie fresh out the oven from the brain of Morgan Hislop. He is a producer and DJ from the UK whose music is a regulatedly manic blend of ear-exciting experimental emissions and dance-laden flavours, whose music has been released on a bunch of nice labels, including Bad Panda Records, Activia Benz and Astro Nautico. He also used to be the drummer for Tropics (a project of Chris Ward "gone band" – like Caribou or anyone else who makes music and needs extra hands to perform it in a live context), and it's an experience with that band which gave this Guest Mix its title: Can't Wait To See The Inside Of The Club… AND Your Soul!

"A good friend of mine said this [the title] to me a couple of years ago as we entered a filmed 24 hour clubnight we were invited to in Mexico City while touring," he explains via email, "and the joke/quote has stayed with me ever since." The in-joke is paradoxically universal: everyone has them, but only some people understand them – from paupers to kings, we all have our private funnies. But that aside, from the clubby origins of the Mix's title you can rightly surmise that it's a totally club-conjuring collection of sounds: "I've always been interested in the ritualistic layout of clubs and the almost worshipful state they adhere to," says Morgan.

From an alien perspective it must be a truly eerie and tribal combination of sights and sounds, claustrophobic and euphoric at the same time. 
MORGAN HISLOP on nightclubs

So from his own intensely skiffling synth-fraught edit of Brandy & Monica's 'The Boy Is Mine' to Slugabed's 2014 rendition of the 2001 emotional dance hit 'Another Chance' by Roger Sanchez, Morgan's mix takes in varying dishes of dance and serves them up as a buffet of delights. French dance don Para One is involved, and so is techno legend Claude VonStroke. There's a remix of Braqueberry's 'Blaque Won' by MikeQ and Divoli S'Vere. MIA's clattering 'Bird Flu' transitions seamlessly into the trance-hinting Tokyo Hands remix of VesperTown's 'Royal Flash'. And he throws in some Ludacris for good measure.

"The mix compiles a lot of eclectic tracks I was DJing out at Festivals and in the second half of last year," he says of the mix, adding: "It also has a couple of unreleased tracks of mine in there."

Without further ado, and without me basically just naming every single track on the tracklist, you should just enjoy the mix. Big thank you to Morgan Hislop. Oh and by the way, he told me that the '?????' intro is a snippet from an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? – remember that? (You're old if you do, just face it). The artwork above is a collage made by the fair hands of Morgan himself, scanned in and sent straight to me, how cool is that? Collages are fun.

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