Monday 25 August 2014


Onda Suave! Cool name. I don't know what it means, but it sounds good. Rolls off the tongue. It's just as well because this guy, real name Harold Ordonez and from New Jersey, makes some cool music, too. It's very nice (despite being started as a self-described hobby, but isn't everything, to start with anyway?).

Case in point is 'Charm'. It's a reworking of the brilliant 'Midas Touch' by '80s synth-pop outfit Midnight Star . The bassline of the original makes a return, sped up to an ecstatically danceable tempo, which makes it sound more disco than anything else but kinda like, doesn't matter what it is. Because it's GOOD: Glamorous hedonistic retro-futurist boogie kinda good.

Carved from the original, vocals becoming a flashing neon mosaic of their former selves, cut with abstract surgery and reverbing away into the unending midnight strings, the syncopated funk chords shivering with groove. Add in the satisfying dynamic of muffling all treble in a satisfying plunge-pool of sound for the ears and you got something here that's gonna pull you in and hypnotise you into a foot-waggle, a head-nod, a full-on-body-moving experience.

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  1. This song definitely had me moving haha. If only my friends could understand me..

  2. Glad you got your groove on. Share this music with your friends, and if they don't like it then... talk to people online about music instead! :)