Wednesday 6 August 2014


This latest track from Luviia is just beautiful. But who, I hear you cry out, is Luviia? Well, let me tell you. He's a beatmaker (that's putting it lightly) from Tainan, Taiwan; I first stumbled across him since he created a beat for fellow Taiwanese artist, Aristophanes, a damn awesome female rapper whose flow is just magical, and whom you should certainly check out.

Well known by now for crafting effortlessly stunning beats, his latest, 'Into The Vortex', is a snapshot of particularly otherworldly bliss. The title is basically on the money, since – although only clocking in at 1 minute 35 seconds – it pulls you into this flood of soul-ripening hip-hop, fading in with this highly texturised waves-lapping-at-the-shore sound, with supreme ripples of guitar playing in laid-back lounge loveliness.

This is all topped off with this narcotically staggering beat marked by rain-stick snare sounds, arrhythmic hi-hat shuffling and gentle, depth-charge bloop kicks, whilst rumbling sub-bass creeps all around, fading out into oblivion towards the end – a timeless wonder.

Instrumental hip-hop can be polarising ("where's the rap?" some people question blankly), but when it's this good, this obviously atmospheric, lovingly crafted, there can be nothing better than kicking back and escaping for as long as the beat exists.

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