Friday 18 July 2014


It's Saint Pepsi, bitch. Remember that? From his Gin City EP that got released earlier this year? Now doesn't that seem like an actual age ago? Right? It may as well be an actual age ago – even since then, Ryan DeRobertis (by now, everybody should know: this is SP irl) has given his sound a right good seeing-to, uh, mainly in that he's added his own vocals to it.

As a component of the digital sample-heavy movement that was (and still is) vaporwave, usually Mr DeRobertis could be heard lifting vocals from a whole host of past-and-present material, from Justin Bieber to Aretha Franklin, but yes: this time around they're entirely his own. And he's got a brilliantly off-centre muse for his singing, the eponymous 'Fiona Coyne' – this is a character from the I've-never-seen-it Canadian (teen) drama series/universe Degrassi; Drake also cut his acting teeth here so, y'know, it must have some sort of following – be it genuine or retroactive.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, yes that's her picture above, and as Saint Pepsi himself sings with gorgeous Long-Island-lilt, "She's got emerald eyes" – or at least she sorta does. His voice adds an extra dimension to his music, a depth of personality, something for fans to not just appreciate but to find attractive, fall in love with. He's already put himself out there, creatively, but now THERE he is, voice immortalised. A real pop star.

Yes there's a video for the song. It features a guy encountering a lot of couples kissing or "MAKING OUT" or whatever, who himself is followed by an insistent disco (penis) ball. Watch.

As for the music itself, Saint Pepsi hasn't lost the funk – the good funk – no sir. Clean, simple drums keep head-nodding time, as groovesome bass darts fluidly below glittery staccato guitar stabs, whilst more ornamentations comes in the form of sparkling-pool glockenspiel magic, and bursts of triumphant brass; St Pep's voice moves over all of this, confident and laced with addictive hooks, especially in the undeniably catchy chorus: "Oh darling, won't you believe me? I'll love you till the record stops."

Though it's a stark change to his earlier sounds, it's a step in the right direction: this is pop perfection. This could live on the radio all summer for all I care – I mean, that's the place it deserves to be. Stuff this well-produced that is made by, and features the vocals of, the producer, a one-person vault of charisma and creativity, should be paid much attention to, especially considering his variations in sound, made by my reckoning at least 3 times a year, which combined promise unpredictable & wonderful things for the future of Saint Pepsi.

  • This comes from the Fiona Coyne/Fall Harder 7" out 12th August via Carpark Records – pre-order it here. I might buy a record player just for this release – you know, like how a load of people bought a Wii U just for Mario Kart 8.
  • It's not the first time we've heard St Pep's voice: check out this rap (second rap in the track) he lends to SPF420 co-founder Chaz Allen aka Metallic Ghosts' track 'Destroy'. It's actually really good. More rapping pls!

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