Wednesday 16 July 2014


Well well well, here's something new. It's from a Sydney-based producer who goes by the name of Entheogenesis. It's an interesting name that comes from the word "entheogen" – basically a synthesised or natural drug used in a "religious, shamanic, or spiritual context" (ty Wikipedia). But uh, that aside, let's take a look at the actual music of the musicmaker – in particular, the musicmaker's latest track 'Ice Water'.

Drenched in a glaze of tare-style deliciousness, the track is wet with sounds, totally fluid to a slo-down, narcotic degree. Percussion shimmers lovingly in bristling thickets where clockwork hi-hats dance with woodblocks and sharp metallic sounds. Add to this a serious set of kicks and sub-bass boomings, and you got yourself a beat. Decorate with an amalgamation of cold electronic sounds – seemingly arrhythmic soft chords and ambient murmurs – and leave to simmer in its own slow sway. Serve.

At only 1:28 it's short 'n' sweet, but it gives an idea of the kind of genreless experimental hip-hop-tilted psychoactive-substance-championing electronic stuff that Entheogenesis makes. For an even better idea, check out the debut EP, Vanity, downloadable at a name-yer-price basis on Bandcamp, released earlier this year via Brighton (UK) label Shimmy Records.

Entheogenesis (you realise it's a long, weirdly difficult-to-type name when you type it a lot) is also part of the Sydney-based 穏便 Gentle Records collective, dedicated to releasing beats from local talent. Most recently, Ethneo (that's better) also played at elsewhere in Surfers Paradise for the 3rd instalment of the very-cool-looking LILT – self-described as "Beats & electronica audio/visual adventure." You can read about LILT003 over at Raw Ink.

  • Just in case you forgot or didn't know, you can download 'Ice Water' for free. I believe the little download arrow is on the player above. Peace.

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