Wednesday 14 September 2016


Skiffing through the twlight between on and offline ever further from his Spazzkid moniker of summers past, Mark Redito continues as he has always done to evolve as an artist. His latest foray into the ether of music, 'You'll Only Love Me When I'm Gone' swells effortlessly with energy and displays a characteristic change in style that feels organic. Flavoured with dancehall humidity, the track swirls between fluid cute electro and a sparse yammering beatscape, notably lacking in Redito's usually present voice and instead heading heavily onto garbled, voiceless dancefloors.

The track's title, however, does make an appearance in the music as a sampled lyric, chewed up, emotional and intoxicated, flinging its vague electronic lyricism like elastic through the lurid synth. This then repeats rapid-fire after gear-shifting booming bass build-up, stammering high-pitched above hefty kicks and not menacing but business-meaning beat punching syncopated one-twos into the less crowded space, sounds feeling more poignant pummelling away with room to breathe.

But let us not forget that a simple body-moving beat and the manipulation thereof has always been a staple of the way Mark Redito makes music; energy spiced with elation. Here and now, as ever, he incorporates new exciting sounds into his repertoire, with style fluctuating but substance remaining a constant, keeping as fresh as the first whiff of 'Getting To Know You' when it was love at first listen.

  • You can grab 'You'll Only Love Me When I'm Gone' for just $1 on Bandcamp. A full-length album is on the cards for next year.
  • The original artwork for the track was created by kikkujo, whose characteristic pen-and-pencil illustrations often depict people weighed down by weltschmerz, their bodies and expressions fine-tuned to display this subtle painful weariness.
  • Earlier this year, Mark Redito set up Likido, a series of curated events that provides a platform for female, POC and LGBTQ+ artists, aiming to celebrate and nurture these communities.

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