Tuesday 6 September 2016


This newness from British musicmaking team Fins A Luminous is, we think, the best they've offered up to the world yet, marking something of a departure from their usual plunge pool of rock-infused dark and stormy electronica into an area of richly exalting sun-glinted sky-touching Balearic-flavoured sound. That's not to say that darkness gathers at the edges of 'Antipodes', and at its core, as a techno bassline dominates alongside a thumping beat and a fizz of slicing synth hits that fly in the cold, stark air summoned in the sound.

The lyrics, literally poetic, match this rich otherdimensional dirge with a loneliness spun simply, lamenting with imagery of isolation: "On this raft / All I have / Is mental pictures of you / And the stars to guide me"—and later, "I talk to the waves / They whisper your name / I talk to the wind / You're further away now than you've ever been"—conjurations of longing and loss in voices layered in a choir, as if all the fibres of being join in for this totality of feeling.

But this exaltedness: a change from minor to major, from the steel and fog of overcast skies to a raising up above the giant clouds, a rush of emotion in waves of thick, soaring sound, the last section of the song uplifted from introspection of extrospection, the luscious gales and golden light of noise and skittering glitter of synth melody here complimenting the beauty of the lyrics, an illuminated outpouring of the heart: "The clouds form into every face / I've ever known / Into every face I've known / The moon, the stars and the sun / And everyone above..."

  • This wonderful slice of music comes from Fins A Luminous's latest EP, also titled Antipodes, which features more of the musicmakers' forays into huge, spacious sounds, altogether charting a journey of loneliness with experimental electronic orchestration. You can download it from their Bandcamp for just £3.

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