Sunday 9 February 2014


Please don't say that I am alone in saying that I hate Sundays. They are rank with conservatism and stink of boredom and hold up a telescope to the very end of your days. Sunday opening hours are lame — super lame, in fact, and we should do away with them. Let's open up and embrace a new era of consumerism that cuts to the very core of this vile Christian-led freezing of life every damn week. Who's with me?

Can you guess that it's Sunday? So yeah it's that day. But luckily, I do this writing thing basically every day so it's no skin off my nose what day it is anyway. I just observe that Sundays are rubbish, that's all. Anyway. So here we are. And here is another song to moisten your eyes and tap your heart and jiggle your mind and skip over your skin; it's from a person who I've written about before, but who has changed their name. Formerly known as NoamiKo, this musicmaker from Israel now goes by the name Helfer – and this particular song is called 'Designs'…

Moving forward from a curling insectoid sprint of bleeping synth leads in the beginning, we're treated to icy glistening cascadings and simple-smooth bass that columnates the underside of the track. As the song starts proper, an aching grind of noise soars overhead, deep kicks bump below and rolling claps join slivers of hi-hat; vocals enter as heavily echoed snippets of refrain, giving the song a spectral dimension; noise crescendos throughout, spacey glimmerings with stringy richness dominating the richly bleeping soundscape and scratchling beat.

It's a huge, poignant sound that has developed from what I last heard from this guy. This is a time-travelling whirl of sounds that takes you from sofa to space station to proto-nightclub surroundings. Moving from totally unknown indie to underground indie is a small but frenziedly discernible step, and this is exactly what Mr Noah Helfer is proceeding with; indeed, 'Designs' is taken from his upcoming Air Drops EP, which comes courtesy of dunno-where-it's-based label, BLDG5 Records.

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