Friday 21 February 2014


I love a nice collective. Who doesn't? Collectives seem to be where it's at these days. Like there are quite a few atm like A$AP Mob, Odd Future (OFWGKTA), New Generation, Futures Collective… each one is hotbed of collaborative creativity. Of course, individual endeavours abound and are actively supported and bigged up by other collective members – a karmic utopia of encouragement. Having friends is really nice, but having likeminded friends as set as you are on having your music heard by the world at large must be something else entirely.

What does this have to do with anything? Well this guy Aux Jennings is part of Halifax (Canada) collective Weirdo Click. That's where it all fits in, you see? Anyway, a few-few days ago Aux dropped a brand new EP, MuckAFolly, a collection of electronically charged smooth tracks packed with the distinctive flow of the 21-year-old rapper and producer. Purportedly, it's anti- its own genre, something that we all know glorifies some iffy aspects of itself (drugs etc.) and that is certainly a good starting point for any new artist of any genre. Speaking out.

Let's have a listen to one of the tracks from MuckAFolly, the gentle sway that is 'Need Me'.

Leading in with some bubblesome pops of synth chord, becoming the riff throughout, the track rests on slow sub kicks and skeletal rattling hi-hats skittering with precision. It's true simplicity, those chords not crowding the space, allowing time for the glassily reverbing sounds to breathe for themselves not enmeshed within other instruments. Aux's flow itself is interesting, moving ahead with as much commanding fluency in its slower moments as in the doubletime segments, layered with animated screeches to mirror more darkly the bars bouncing along, tackling with frustrated sincerity the many needs of a needy girlfriend (or so it seems).

It's generally just a great sound, a trappish hip hop that employs near-futuristic noises to give it this otherworldly feeling, an escape from the reality that the words themselves convey. Young talent like this (Aux produced all of this too btw), with all its individual nuances, paves the way for new movements in music, new trends, providing a fresh outlook on life as every singular mind could. Determination! That's all you need, after an idea or some talent. Anyway, you can download this track for free, or download the whole MuckAFolly EP here for free (clickety-click!).

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