Wednesday 13 June 2012


Who are Age of Consent?

They are a duo who make good music, that's what. The single I came across today is 'Heartbreak'.

It's out now as a single on their Bandcamp page

With vocals that sound a little TV On The Radio-esque and a subtle, even stripped-down, electro heart beating like semi-human robot's pulse all the way through, it's a sign of good things to come from the London-based twosome.

There is a lovely 80s vibe of this track, evoked wonderfully with its rolling beat whose snare sounds like its right from an ancient drum machine. It is also displayed by the retro vox sounds that pop up every now and again. The layering of the synth altogether is verging on concertotic, being near-minimal in the verse, then towards the chorus building up and growing thicker with ever-increasing strata of electronic goodness.

Get one of your five a day.

And for fun, here is the Visions remix of the track. These are glitch-heavy electro poundings and modulated fizzings that bring to mind a kind of Justice Junior riding a go-kart around a mini race track.

Hyper distorted, well treated version of what is already a dancefloor-friendly track. Well done Visions.

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