Monday 18 June 2012


Early on a Monday morning, you don't want anything heavy really, do you? You don't want a heavy breakfast. You don't want a heavy... rain. And you don't want heavy music. That's why it's wonderful to go with something beautifully delicate, yet differing enough to keep you awake. This is Gang Colours wonderful new song 'To Repel Ghosts' (I'm a month late, whatever).

It's a great combination of aching vocals (a little like Sampha's), new-age lounge chill, electronic glitch and trip hop. The drum sounds are fragile and breathy, keeping time with a vibe that is too good not to be affected by. The piano chords that come in every now and again are perfect - resounding notes that herald relaxation with every new gentle touch on the keyboard. It is stunning. I love electronica like this. Absolute chillment.

Here's a remix by George FitzGerald.

Energetic, plus works perfectly. Nice isn't it? Not good for my head this time in the morning but - at other times, yes please.

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