Friday 5 April 2019


If you're in the northern hemisphere, and you're not too close to the equator, spring is probably happening. To celebrate the once more springness of the world, we've enlisted the musicmaking entity that is TSUKI to create our 30th guest mix. Specifically, it's the producer half, Levi Chappell, who has composed this mix.

"My interest in music probably began when I started playing piano at around 9 or 10 years old, after discovering an old Casio keyboard out in the garage," Chappell tells me via email. He then met Chanlar Rose (the other half of TSUKI) in school. "We played music together for a while before ultimately deciding to form TSUKI."

Referencing Shlohmo and Baths music and the way they used "field recordings, distorted samples, or strained falsettos recorded in bathrooms," Chappell admits a considerable impact on the writing and recording process for the duo.

Boasting a Baths track as its finale, this half-an-hour journey of sounds features all the delicacy you'd expect of spring. It conjures time lapses of blossom opening and shoots erupting through the surface of dirt not long rid of frost, with samples of birds singing, water flowing, spring rains and children playing all featuring heavily throughout.

"The mix is an amalgamation of songs that have been near and dear to me over the past few years," Chappell tells us about the mix. "I tried to include the tracks that I've found myself returning repeatedly, stuff that I've found innovative or inspiring.

"I'm hoping it helps these songs find some fresh ears so others can enjoy them as much as I have."

00:00 Falls – Short Field 2
02:43 Ikotu – Swirl
07:29 Fla.mingo – How to Deal With Homesickness
09.26 Tekvision – Lament
11:46 Ojmacoj x Brother Mynor – Drew Barrymore Watches Saturday Morning Cartoons
14:06 Weird Inside – ba2 (unreleased)
15:26 OUSKA – Gonzo
18:11 ?????
21:24 Lumes – Take Me Back
22:49 B.Visible – Disney (Persian Empire Remix) [Demo Version]
24:07 Nongoma – Desire (Persian Empire Remix)
27:07 Baths – Indoorsy

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