Monday 4 March 2019



This new music from Bonobo is a nocturnal vehicle of sound, its vital syncopated bass gloops taking us somewhere dark and rainy, where there's slick on tarmac and the gauze of precipitation softens the glow of lampposts and traffic lights, and cuboid buildings hunch over the streaming roads. Like that.

This is 'Ibrik'. With its sharply textured percussion shuffling throughout and scattering the crumbs that the rest of the track rumbles after, it's a piece of music that by which you can't help but feel jolted somewhere: if not forwards, then sideways, or in a circle.

Either way, as the track dips into its introspective troughs — featuring the staring gaze of piano chords and looming space — and rises back out into the cartwheel of its fizzing synth bloops, restless percussion distilled into an essence of texture, there is undeniable movement here. As well as a sampled sound of elsewhere, an aching thought bubble of drawn out noise that hints aesthetically towards the track's namesake.

(What is an ibrik? It's this.)

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