Tuesday 19 February 2019


'Barking' is melancholy and minimalist, with lyrics as a sparse as to-the-point as the simple bounce of its instrumental. It's a tale of of "linking" with a "ting" way too early in the morning. 'Hold You Down' is Ramz's new track and it is essentially the flipside to the coin. For one thing, it's a love song.

“It’s dedicated to my one in the million girl," says Ramz about the track. "This track is about me being in love with a girl."

He adds: "When you find the right girl; hold her down."

Where 'Barking' broods, paints the bleakness of grey mornings despite the pep of the vocal, 'Hold You Down' is bright, with fuller production. While still rooted in the simplicity that makes his music so immediate and available, this track serves lyrical hints to a softer side to Ramz.

Watch the video for 'Hold You Down' below.

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