Thursday 1 February 2018


The sheer force of the ambient atmosphere created in this track has the vastness of beyond the sky on its side, stretching from where you perceive yourself to be and vaulting into a glowing void far above. Thick plumes of synth create the viscous swelling foundation of 'Solid Sky' by Manchester DJ and producer D/R/U/G/S, a warm comforting atmosphere; soon against this soft backdrop sharper synth tricklings contrast and cut through bright and glittering. A vocal sample speaks about space and you almost feel like floating away. Freedom.

More than just a liberating sense of out-of-body experience in one track, freedom is actually one of the core values that glows at the heart of D/R/U/G/S' new music for the upcoming Solid Sky EP. "I wanted to get back to the mindset I had 4/5 years ago when I first started making electronic music," explains the musicmaker. "For the last couple of years I've been mostly working on pure club stuff so it was nice to get back to doing something with no structure."

"That was the idea with 'Solid Sky' especially," he continues, "to have a blank slate and experiment with soundscapes and samples and not worry about fitting it into a DJ set." And so we get the ambient fog of 'Solid Sky', a gargantuan cloud pierced in the middle by an intense cavalcade of crashing beats and wheeling synths: a ray of blinding light, the fuel for life, pierces the galactic nimbus.

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