Monday 30 October 2017


The gleaming side of glitch reveals itself in this, a sphere of gold, molten gold, flowing through the sky and passing through clouds leaving a hole and eventually the sphere makes its way down to the sea and fizzles and pops into clusters of smaller golden spheres jostle and vibrate and then suddenly swerve upwards, into the sky again, and disperse in many directions, something that has this sense of the ornamental and glittering but that also feels majestic, grand, summoning a sense of space alongside its cozy treasure-trove. The continuous jostle and bustle of 'Nerves' may reflect the personality of its creator, Tactilian, who is currently located in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. "I moved here from America about 5 years ago to teach English and find a new head space for myself," he tells us over email. "I had found myself a bit too complacent and stagnant in the States, so I figured a radical shift or change was in order."

The plinking piano melodies and the chopped chords, the constant soft organ blooms, and the ephemeral sheen of gold that occasionally blast into the air, it all speaks of space, and constancy of the hi-hats speak of momentum in this vastness. Little noises make this quite wonderful. The stuttering percussion, and that same piano melody that has that expansive reverb on it also adds to the jewellery box of trinkets that keep this track on a level of gently sparkling throughout. The vocal samples, textured like whispers and placed in patterns that heighten the sense of swirling, give it a familiar unfamiliarity: we all know what voices sound like, but chopped voices arranged in wordless rhythms infuse this element with intrigue. There is no stagnation here, no attachment even—all of the parts of this track seem to orbit each other, merge together and then these fleeting connections dissipating, keeping it a swirl of movement on the canvas of silence, like the constant curl of clouds on the blue sky.

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