Monday 30 October 2017


The constant stepping down of the clean electronics of this track, the way these blooping foam spheres of sound tumble almost arrhythmically down endless staircases, how they ping-pong round the infinite confines of an Escher drawing, how like Mario 64's endless staircase there is not a stop to the decided jumble of sounds but it starts again always in the same place down down down and imperceptibly upwards again. 'clementine(s)' is a wonky slice of sound, something that speaks of circles and the always ouroboros of living, created by producer Hirsh and rapper okay(K), whose voice crackles and crumbles throughout, creaking obliviously and with dazed wonder as the world spins and time ticks all around.

Speaking to yes/no via email, okay(K) explained the background of the track. "clementines is about how we go through life in a linear fashion but within this life there is a cyclical dynamic in that we often have the same experiences almost as if it were déjà vu." And so is that non-linear nature bouncing on a foundation of fingerclicks and thudding kicks and clacking abrasive snares and the tick of the metallic timekeeping hi-hats, plasma synth fluttering like a realisation that this, whatever this is, has happened before, the intensity of clarity, the alarm-clock wakeful moments of the day when your head roly-polies at the thought of fate and reincarnation and buzzes with various other ontological wondering.

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