Thursday 28 September 2017


There is particularly something about the real noises that click and clatter, fidgeting and mechanical, like a rubber stamp or a stapler, a cosmic set of office supplies possessed and parading around the peeling paint and pockmarked plaster of their now tumbled-down surroundings. Delicious lip-smacking clicks and clacks, crackling vintage wear-and-tear, trickling jingles, all of it in a mixing bowl and whip into stiff peaks and let it become cooked in an oven and it's the meringue of this track, the sweetness but with simplistic block colour and sort of hard externally and kinda soft in the middle.

The chilled gooey sensation of 'Jafiah' by London/Brighton musicmaker nimino is alive and gloriously minimalist in its structure with just a few details like pine needles or tiny pebbles. Smooth synth chords bop along, wheezy and rounded, supported by occasional bubbles of bass rising to the surface; a shuffling beat sashays in, ricocheting hi-hat metallics and the organic percussive clopping sound, and this rolling snare insertion. A wonderful change in time signature brings the song to a heavier dimension, low synthy vocals croon in monosyllables in this new surreptitious wobble with its suave smears of synth whispering bassy. How 'Jafiah' seems so simple but is a meeting of opposing textures, a merging of rhythms, blocky but jewel-encrusted music.

  • πŸ”” The full version of nimino's 'Jafiah' is actually just over four minutes long and is taken from a compilation called Ample curated by London label Panel—and, in fact, it is their debut album. Various media for streaming this full version can be found listed at the destination of this hyperlink.

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