Tuesday 19 September 2017


This track begins awash with textures, the sea spreading itself onto sand with all its foam and flotsam and tumbling little stones and shells that dance jostling on the beach and the bleached bones of coral twisted ceramic antler collections crooning to the sky with its trickling trickling streaming watery sounds. Your private beach. How natural it all sounds, the percussion luscious delicious all hurtling molecular and tiny, a tapestry for time and the way the natural world fills it. Cynabel creates this moss forest these glorious miniatures for roundabout the first third of the wonderful 'When I'm With You', before wide synth chords like rainbows, slow and kinetic, these are dolphins arcing in open sea.

"This particular song was symphonically through-composed, rather than the usual copy/paste we're so accustomed to in music, especially EDM," the Philadelphia-based musicmaker himself tells yes/no via email. "The lack of strophic form and general air of adventure were directly inspired by RefraQ's tune Soda Ritual." The finished product, Cynabel explains, creates "a journey for the listener to experience," adding: "I sincerely hope that the sparkling chords and comforting ambience result in a few smiles for those who choose to adventure with me."

Out there just beyond the reef and from far off it seems slow and getting close to them it's a speed racer affair, it's wiggling and wobbly and vital utterly the smooth mammalian grey of the skin strobing in and out of the calm tufts of sea, as highlighted by the drum fill and the leaping leap into the jostle of more rapid fire rolling soft synth foamy fizzy waves breaking breaking. And the dynamic shift, slowdown, the cascading waterworld of the track's outro where Cynabel seems to be channelling this Zora's Domain feeling, a crowd of effortlessly glistening melodic synths that chime and drip-drop crystalline and ultragorgeous, this aching beautiful coda stretching into the distance, the gentle fade of cirrus clouds against vast blue, the comfort and heartwarm of being with whoever the "you" is in this electronic symphony.

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